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The elephant...
spends up to 16 hours per day eating around 495 pounds in weight.
62.4% of clients claim they are much smarter at goal setting.

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Improving business performance and the individual’s daily experience of being in business...

Working with senior managers or MD’s of small to medium size companies, Red Elephant Coaching uses unique coaching programmes to develop key business strategies that are effective and easy to implement.

Where you are now is not wrong – but it can always be better. Our one to one coaching, mentoring, or impartial support will help you improve your personal experience of day-to-day business life.

The following are just some examples of the kind of support and guidance Red Elephant Coaching offers:

• Explore the HR function to deliver strategies that empower and motivate employees.
• Guide individuals towards becoming excellent team leaders or managers of people.
• Develop strategies to improve profits or achieve pre-defined goals.
• Empower individuals to create a more harmonious working relationship with their boss or team.
• Create individually tailored programs for improving work-life balance on a personal level and as a new ethos for your business.
• Assess, implement or advise on quality management systems.

If you would like to move your business forward and make positive changes to improve business performance, Red Elephant Coaching can help.

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With many years experience working on Quality Management Systems, Sally also offers specialised quality management consultancy services for businesses that would like to implement, develop, or assess a QMS.