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67.6% of clients claim a higher level of self-awareness.

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Does Coaching Work?

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Coaching has become increasingly popular over the last decade, but does it work? Do people generally feel their coaching experience was worthwhile?

Recent research reveals that companies who employ business coaches claim an incredible return on investment, realised through improved productivity, reduced waste and motivated teams.

The International Coaching Federation regularly conducts surveys into the effectiveness and relevance of business and life coaching. Following a recent study of 210 coaching clients:-

• 98.5% of coaching clients said they found it a valuable experience
• 67.6% of clients claimed a higher level of self-awareness
• 62.4% claimed they were smarter at goal-setting
• 60.5% said that they had a more balanced life
• 57.1% experienced lower stress levels following coaching
• 52.4% had more self-confidence
• 43.3% said that their quality of life had improved.

Clients come to coaching for many reasons such as: time management, career guidance, business advice, relationship and family issues, physical and wellness issues, goal-setting, financial guidance & creativity. From coaching they have also attributed other positive outcomes such as: timely project completion, improvement in health & fitness, better relationships with staff, better family relationships, increased energy, more fun, higher income, stopping a bad habit, changes in career and more free time.

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