Interesting Facts:
The elephant...
walks at 4mph, the same as we do, and can swim for long distances.
67.6% of clients claim a higher level of self-awareness.

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About Red Elephant Coaching

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Red Elephant Coaching is run by Sally Denn, a Master NLP practitioner, ITS Graduate Coach and member of the International Coach Federation.

Since launching her coaching business in 2008, Sally has worked with blue chip pharmaceutical companies, businesses in the finance sector and many executives and individuals with a burning desire to unlock their true potential.

Prior to working as an executive, business and life coach, Sally graduated with a First Class Degree in Chemistry with Management Science and German. She progressed in the pharmaceutical industry and gradually accumulated all of the required skills to become an expert in quality management systems. Her career led her to a course in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in 2006 and from there into coaching.

So where does the Red Elephant come from? In Sally’s own words: “I think we can all identify with an animal, and for me, from a young age I was always an elephant! Elephants are big, strong and powerful – and yet gracious, gentle and afraid of mice – they show that however large we grow we can still be afraid of small things. The analogy of the elephant and coaching comes through in so many ways, as we look at leadership, wisdom and vulnerability. The red represents the vibrancy and energy that coaching can bring into your life and business.”

Sally’s approach to coaching is fun, insightful and challenging, but don’t just take our word for it. See what Sally's clients have got to say in the testimonials page.

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