Interesting Facts:
The elephant...
walks at 4mph, the same as we do, and can swim for long distances.
67.6% of clients claim a higher level of self-awareness.

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Does Coaching Work?

About Red Elephant Coaching

How it Works and Packages

What to expect – the process

The first session is the only session where your coach will have a pre-planned schedule. We use that time to find out as much as we can about you, so you can expect many questions. This first session is usually the longest (1.5 hours) and is extremely important. It gives us time to discover what you expect of us, and most importantly it enables you to give us a true picture of the areas of your life or business that require change or action. The coaching partnership starts here and is the basis for a great relationship that will pay dividends.

From then on, your coaching journey can progress in many directions; it’s all about you.

It may involve an exploration of why you think the things you do, it may be action based as you uncover the things you need to do, it may be that you just want the space to be listened to without judgement, or it may be that you want someone to pose powerful questions and challenge you...

It could be all of these things, and more... but with Red Elephant it will be FUN and it will be INSIGHTFUL!

Coaching Services & Packages

Red Elephant Coaching offers a range of services that are as individual as you are.

For one to one leadership, business or life coaching we offer a standard coaching package of six sessions, which can be held face to face or over the telephone. Prices of packages vary, so please contact us for specific details, or for an initial, no obligation chat.

Generally, our clients find that the standard package is enough to provide them with all the motivation, direction, confidence and guidance they need, but we do also offer retainer packages if you feel you would benefit from having a regular sounding board, mentor or motivator.