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43.3% of clients claim their quality of life has improved.

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“Coaching with Sally is a delightful and engaging process, like being guided by a trusted companion. She has a lively, fun, and comfortably challenging style. She was completely focussed on my agenda, and is a master at “dancing in the moment”. My outcomes were achieved without doubt.”
Alastair Kidd - Owner - andersonnash

“Sally is a superbly effective coach - she listens extremely well both at the surface level and a deeper level, responds in a manner which is perfect for the moment, is non-judgmental and demonstrates a wonderful lightness of touch as she guides the client's thinking towards achievable outcomes. Her voice has a warmly encouraging and pleasant timbre, so that the client is moved into a more resourceful state from the very moment the session begins. An organisation or individual utilising Sally's services will benefit greatly.”
Terence Pritchard - Owner - Pritchard Training and Communications Ltd

“Sally is an extremely bright and energetic person with a tremendous basis of knowledge in medical device requirements. What struck me as most impressive about Sally was both her ability to work with people at all levels of the organization and the way she could effectively train others into a different way of approaching things. She was a tremendous asset not only to the facilities in the United Kingdom, but her knowledge and personability were greatly respected and admired throughout the Asian and U.S. locations as well.”
Scott Van Ells - Senior Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Director - Titan Spine LLC

"I meet many life and business coaches in the course of my work. Your innovative approach and coaching techniques made you the first person I had met who actually made me want to explore this avenue. Through your experience and insightfulness I have seen real value in our sessions and I have made huge strides in my personal and business life – thank you."
Kate Everett - Partner, The Write Impression