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Recommended Reading

Over the course of many years study and reading about coaching and NLP, there are a number of books and films that I have enjoyed and that I would highly recommend.

With such a vast array of material out there, it's hard to know what's good and what isn't.

So here are my recommendations...

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Manage Yourself, Manage Your Life. For me this is a great introduction to some amazing NLP techniques. It is one of the first NLP books I read and it's easy style and simple way of guiding you through seeing where you are at and where you want to be is just that. EASY!

The Prophet. Although I never actually studied this book a very good friend introduced me to this one with the words “Like a precious moment in time, a book to treasure”, those words sum it up! It has some wonderful concepts and beliefs about things that are important to me, my particular favourites are the prophet’s description of marriage, love and friendship.

F*ck It. Again a very good friend of mine recommended this to me and it is quite simply brilliant. It made me smile, laugh and cry all in one with the writer's easy style and wonderfully apt descriptions of how some of us are in life!

Take the Lead. OK so I am one of those that loves the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and this true story is a wonderful way of capturing strength, resilience and the want for something more. There are some pretty good moves in it too!

Pay It Forward. In some of my training there was a concept introduced called random acts of kindness. This film for me epitomizes that concept and if everyone in the world Paid It Forward.......